Miguel Petersen

My name is Miguel, i’m a 20 years old Dane, I live in Denmark in a small city named Haderslev. I'm studying for a Bachelor of Graphic Communication at The School Of Visual Communication.

Right now i'm currently looking for a place for my internship / work placement (which is part of my bachelor). It is unpaid and should last minimum 12 weeks, but can be longer.

I love craziness, I love weirdness and I think you combine those two, I also do. I love seeing things from a different angle, because in that way you can take people on an adventure.

For example in trailers:
Cutting many clips together is easy, but making a flow through them can be a big project.
I like comedy trailers; there is an emotional curve, where you laugh, feel afraid, and then end up laughing again. It’s something I also think a lot about in my work; that it’s important to try not just keep running the same tone or emotion.

During my course I have been taught; Movie Posters, Logo, Campaign, Web Design, Motion Graphics, Typography, Layout (Magazine, Advertising etc.), Corporate Identity, Packaging, Photography & Film and much more.

I am advanced user of Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Blender 3D, Filezilla and my piano. And I am a very experienced programmer for frontend and backend, I code html, css, php, MySQL & javascript. I also use Final Cut Pro.

I bring my own MacBook Pro with all my software, vr, weird sense of humor and my love for my grandmother's cooking.

If you are interested in me, then let us have a talk.

Best regards
E-Mail: mpe@skolevisuel.dk
Mobile: +45 30 74 45 26
Adress: Christiansfeldvej 22