Drawing of the danish music artist Szhirley.VIEW
Drawing of my childhood friend.VIEW
Drawing of Pablo Picasso.VIEW
Drawing of Medina.VIEW
Drawing of Thylane Blondeau.VIEW
Drawing of Prince.VIEW
Drawing of a Wolf.VIEW
Drawing of Adele.VIEW
Poster idea for the danish movie ANTI.VIEW
I drawed the popular painting "Seated Woman" by Pablo Picasso with my head.VIEW
Idea for Google Talk on Apple Watch.VIEW
School Project
DR3 Kaj & Andrea Horror

Made by:
Miguel, Chalotte, Simone, Caroline, Vi
I was the first person to code a VR Nightclub, with a synchronized youtube player.VIEW
In this project I 3D modelled a big tree house, where i also programmed a synchronized youtube player in, which only could play jazz music. The player only works inside AltspaceVR.

You can walk around with A,S,W,D