Miguel Petersen

My name is Miguel, i’m a 22 years old Dane, I live in Denmark in a small city named Haderslev. I've ' studied for a Professionsbachelor of Graphic Communication at The School Of Visual Communication.

I was during my bachelor at a company in Odense named Nørgård Mikkelsen. It was a fantastic stay i had there, and i got so much knowledge about them and their customers. They trusted me, so they gave me the oppertunity to work directly for their customers which was: Merrild Kaffe, Rynkeby Juice, Thansen, Kohberg, Knorr, Matas, Værsgo and our pricewinning Foodbook.

I love craziness, I love weirdness and I think if you combine those two, I also do. I love seeing things from a different angle, because in that way you can take people on an adventure.

For example in trailers:
Cutting many clips together is easy, but making a flow through them can be a big project.
I like comedy trailers; there is an emotional curve, where you laugh, feel afraid, and then end up laughing again. It’s something I also think a lot about in my work; that it’s important to try not just keep running the same tone or emotion.

During my course I have been taught; Movie Posters, Logo, Campaign, Web Design, Motion Graphics, Typography, Layout (Magazine, Advertising), Corporate Identity, Packaging, Photography & Film and much more.

I am an advanced user of Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Blender 3D, Filezilla and my piano. And I am a very experienced programmer for frontend and backend, I code html, css, php, MySQL & javascript. I also use Final Cut Pro and FL Studio to do/cut music in.

I can bring my own MacBook Pro with all my software, vr, weird sense of humor and my love for my grandmother's cooking.

If you're ready for a new adventure with me, then let us have a talk.

Best regards
E-Mail: miguel@hotmail.dk
Mobile: +45 30 74 45 26
Adress: Bjergegade, Fredericia