Le Courage is an exclusive Danish fashion brand centred on high-end jewellery of the finest quality. The Le Courage collection comes from the London-based company Eshvi and the renowned designer Giselle Ganne, who has created pieces for a host of prominent people – including HM Queen Elizabeth II.


  • Create a new electricity company.
  • Make an Outlaw Brand/Concept which dare the existing el market.
  • Let the people now the new brand and get their attention, which will end up in sale.
  • It's okay to think different and make something the other companies don't have, and give the customers new oppertunities.
  • There's no name for the company yet, so make one.

Beat It

Make a digital experience where you get a positive firsttime experience
and a understanding of Beat It and the pointsystem.

The experience should not feel like a way to force people to start support work,
but instead wake their appetence to help and be a part of the community.

It's fine if the experience is based on Beat It LIVE,
but the point-/rewards-system should live further after the event.


Krav Maga HeartCore is making a new energydrink.
Therefore we need a new brand, logo, P.O.S and merchandise.
It's good to do good thoughts about the logo.


Redesign Fredericia Furnitures homepage.
Make a KeyVisual for the graphic elements
(the use of the logo, color, imagestyles, typography, fifth-element.)
Use wireframes as a tool to talk about before design. Design a frontpage,
product overview and a product spot page.


Make a new Commercial/Idea for the company Den Blå Avis
Find a solution where people can see themselfe in.