Beat It

Beat It has to be living and a big community,
which is relevant to you even if you know someone with cancer, or
you are the person that will start projects for a good purpose.


An importent brick in the creation of relevance for everyone, is a point/rewardsystem,
that can give the young people something back for their initiative, commitment
and contribution to Beat It in form of discounts, unique products or experiences.

The goal with a point/rewardssystem is to make it fun doing fundraising under Beat It,
whatever how big the youngsters contribution is.

It has to be a setup that gives the young people an oppertunity
to take an initiative by themeself and think innovative.
A setup that gives something back to the young people, whatever if it's a support concert
or a bingo evening
on the college they start.


The customer is "Kræftens Bekæmpelse" (The Danish Cancer Society)

Make a digital experience where you get a positive firsttime experience
and a understanding of Beat It and the pointsystem.

The experience should not feel like a way to force people to start support-work,
but instead raise their curiosity to help and be a part of the community.

It's fine if the experience is based on Beat It LIVE,
but the point-/rewards-system should live further after the event.


An event game, where you can gain points and also save lifes by playing
sponsor-games. The awarded points can be stored and be used to the events, for example for drinks etc.
Every 2-3 month Beat It have their own event in form of a concert they
call Beat It Live, where artists will entertain.

At the live concerts, you can use your points to buy merchandise etc.
When you play sponsor-games can you earn beats. The more beats you store, the more lives you save.
Once a month, the beats the community has achived together will go into a pool, where the sponsors
will convert them to money, and then the community can see together how much money they
earned during Beat It, but they can also see how many heartbeats they saved.

Tone & Style

The following colours have been chosen, because it has to look like a game & happiness,
but in the same time it is also important also important that the colours are complimenting the way
we want to communicate to the user.


The logo has a big importance for how EventTrainer looks like from the outside,
and therefore is it also important that it's matching with the audience.


To give the user an experience,
he/she can choose their own personal character.

Game Flow

Start events, earn points, play funny sponsor-games and save lives.

Event Points

With EventPoints can you get merchandise, food and drinks at Beat It Live.
The points can be achived, when you start events, or play sponsor-games as well.


When you achive beats, then you'll make the heart pumping at the cancer patients. Beats can also be achived through sponsor-games.

Sponsor Games

Every sponsor gets their own unique game, wich the users can
have fun with and get points and save lives with.

Beat It

Miguel, Nanna, Søren & Charlotte