Le Courage

Le Courage is an exclusive Danish fashion brand centred on high-end jewellery of the finest quality.

Hand-picked, truly exceptional jewellery
The brand is powered by Mette Ewert, who carefully selects truly special jewellery for the collection. Jewellery that is reserved for the select few. Jewellery that not only functions as neat accessories, but also expresses a distinct personality, style and attitude. Jewellery in colourful, majestic designs. Jewellery ornamented with the finest diamonds. Briefly put: Jewellery that you cannot help but notice.

Recognised supplier and designer
The Le Courage collection comes from the London-based company Eshvi and the renowned designer Giselle Ganne, who has created pieces for a host of prominent people – including HM Queen Elizabeth II.

Limited editions
Only a very few examples of each item are made, so you can be sure that the jewellery you wear is intensely personal and rare – expressing precisely the person you are! Le Courage is owned by Mette Ewert and a major holding company that is a joint investor in the brand.


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In this project I've made the commercial, the rest is done by Nørgård Mikkelsen.
I started out by studying the earring, then I began to create it in 3D Blender. As you can see on the pictures I worked alot on getting the right light and colours onto the ring. I've combined the clips and music together in Final Cut Pro. The music track is called Wen Uuu, it's made by one of my favourite artist called Shlohmo.


Miguel Petersen
Nørgård Mikkelsen